When it comes to his owner’s cats, Cobin the dog becomes the most compassionate caregiver.

Although he weights 150 pounds and takes up most of the sofa when he relaxes at home, this dog is incredibly calm and intelligent. In actuality, Cobin has been a supportive relative to numerous kittens for a long time, and he ends up becoming their closest friend and defender.

When Cobin was 8 months old and ‘roughly’ 110 pounds, his family adopted him. He loves all animals, but because of his size, his family wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle being around little, adorable kitties.

The most at ease dog you have ever seen is Cobbin. He is quite civilized and laid back. The owner added, “Cobin likes being outside and going about.” In addition, he adores other creatures like rabbits and squirrels.

He doesn’t go after them. Simply put, he is eager to see them.

If they’re young, they could not understand that enough others will start to identify with him out of fear. It will typically cause more cats to escape. In the event that does occur, he is conscious enough to relax and manage himself.

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