A cunning bartender discovers a stolen puppy at her place of business.

This woman was really worried after her dog disappeared from her yard. In order to get the word out and request that people keep a watch out for her missing dog, the dog’s owner posted the incident on social media.

The plan worked: A few days later, when a couple brought their dog to the pub, a keen-eyed local recognized the dog from the picture and suspected he could have been stolen.

The bartender confessed, “I have no clue how I arrived at this decision, but something just didn’t set right with me.” The owner said that the suspect deceived the authorities by saying that they had located the dog that morning in a Facebook post.

In addition, they insisted that the dog they brought to the bar was not the one they really brought, despite the assertions of witnesses. The essential thing was that the dog was examined by a nearby veterinarian and found to be completely secure before being released.

Despite everything, he still has the same wonderful personality! The owner stated. The bartender’s ability to recognize his dog and make the right choice to bring him home without hesitation made her extremely appreciative of him.

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