The Romanian Tibetan Mastiff has been named the cutest dog in the entire globe.

Introducing Xeno, a Tibetan Mastiff. The entire globe has called this magnificent pet “the most beautiful dog in the world.” Xeno is a Romanian native. The most beautiful dog in the entire world is now almost four years old.

Following this victory, Xeno and his owners traveled to a dozen nations where he attended shows and amassed 400 prizes in various categories. Despite the dog’s immense size—it weighs more than 100 kilograms—its personality is unaffected by its size.

The Xeno has a friendly, outgoing, and loving disposition. The owners treat it as though it were the apple of their eye. Dog owners spend the most on food, toys, and cosmetics.

The owner, incidentally, also asked for a Xeno duplicate from a tree that was the same size as him. Although the owner seems to know better, the purpose of this deed is unknown.

The adorable puppy is happy with his duplicate, too. You most certainly won’t see a dog that unusual and lovely every day. The ways that nature surprises us are quite amazing.

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