A lady bought two lynx babies from a zoo farm, saved them, and reared them.

Two lynx babies were saved from a zoo farm by Anastasia, who also saved their lives. The animals now have a place to call home and the freedom to have fulfilling lives. Eight dogs and three horses currently live with them in a barn.

Since she was a young child, Anastasia has desired a cat. She already has eight dogs as pets. While looking for a pet, she happened onto a zoo farm.

She was first worried about the dogs’ reaction, but they interacted rather amicably and even took the animal under their care, providing substantial assistance.

Garry was raised among dogs and picked up their characteristics, but taking care of a young lynx was still challenging.

A year later, the girl made the decision to save another another lynx, this time Bon. They did not live separately, contrary to what the owner had anticipated.

The youngster believes that because the proprietors of fur factories don’t care about the welfare of wild cats, caring for them is extremely difficult. Now that both cats have been trained and pose no problems for her, she can walk them both peacefully.

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