A remarkable tale of a special bond between a dog and a fox in the wild.

Animal interactions in the wild can occasionally be even more intriguing than those seen in books and cartoons. A live illustration of this is the relationship between a dog and a wild fox. The dog’s owner, who is also a photographer, resides with her in Norway.

Since they play and frolic together as if they have known each other their entire lives, it is obvious that the fox and the dog are unaware that they are from different species. After observing the attachment between the dog and the fox, the owner started to oppose the fur industry and factory farming.

Before being killed for their pelts, foxes are kept in tiny cages. Foxes and dogs have a striking amount in common in terms of behavior and mentality.

The owner writes on social media, “And it crushes my heart to think about the millions of foxes like the fox that spend their entire lives in cages. The fox (and the animal) are lucky to have a place to play; hence, they spend all of their time together wandering around the woods close to the owner’s home.

The dog and the fox don’t seem to mind that they are being recorded constantly by a camera. The enjoyment of each other’s presence is what matters most to them.

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