A cat is discovered in the front seat after the delivery woman briefly leaves the car.

For the female driver, it was an ordinary night that was about to take an unexpected turn. Laura stayed up late bringing food to a hungry group of people who were experiencing the 12 o’clock munchies.

When Laura got to the car and opened the door, she was surprised to see a cat sitting on the front seat. I thought I was simply fantasizing, she said. A cat was present.

The cat, a perplexed mode of transportation, climbed inside Laura’s car to check for warmth or a disobedient chicken leg. The cunning feline took advantage of the circumstance to settle into the comfort of the front seat.

Laura opted against taking the cat to the vet in the morning since she could see that she was cold and covered in scabs. She was repaired and had all of her adult teeth, but they couldn’t find a central processor.

They searched for potential owners, but nobody got in touch with them. Laura and her mother made the decision to adopt the real kitten as a consequence. With her new family, the cat is now content.

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