A 3-year-old dog has the longest nose in the whole globe at 13.2 inches.

Elka, a California-based greyhound. She has a 13.2 inch long nose! Even as a young dog, Elka stood out. She wasn’t compatible with the breed. The vets predicted that she would have a problem with her teeth.

There were two kind people among them, though. As Lilia and Savanna arrived to select a puppy, Elka approached them and crawled into her arms. The job is done, and the dog has been residing with them ever since.

Her second birthday was celebrated in March.

Even by breed standards, Elka’s nose is exceptionally large and elongated at more than 13.2 inches. And this is the same nose that sticks to everything; fortunately, it can squeeze through any gap, even the one between the cushions of the couch.

Elka is a sensitive and curious being, and she is lucky that none of the unfavorable prophecies came to pass. She is a very happy and vivacious animal with no dental or joint problems.

Elka is a bit of an oddball, thus her nose’s length wasn’t fully recorded. It’s also not really necessary; what counts is how happy the dog and its owners are!

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