Meet Uavo, a cat with unusually long Iegs who has managed to break the Internet.

People have been enchanted by yet another one-of-a-kind animal. This time, everyone’s attention was drawn to an Australian cat with exceptionally large legs. A photo of a cat named Uavo has received over 69,000 likes on Reddit.

Many people compared the cat to the popular figure SIenderman, the star of surrealist SaIvador DaIi’s works, and even suggested that the ‘Iong-Iegged’ beauty try her hand at modeling.

The photo of Uavo was initially shared on the official Facebook page of one of the cat shelters, ‘Cat Haven WA.’ After just completed caring for another kitten, a two-year-old cat was searching for a loving home.

According to reports, Uavo moved into a new home in the city of Peth in July. Users on social media suggested that a lady who acquired a cat with abnormally long paws set up an Instagram account for her pet. Isn’t this kitten really stunning? Whatever species of animal they are, they will always be able to love and be loved because of their nature, not just their looks.

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