A couple was startled to see a dog curled up next to them in bed, and it wasn’t theirs.

When Juliana awakened early in the morning, she realized she was cuddling a strange puppy snuggled between her and her husband.

Juliana was half-awake and wondering whether it was her dog (they had three), but after rubbing her eyes, she realized she had never seen a dog before.

Juliana was looking at a large red-haired animal sleeping on the cushion, its head on the pillow, as if nothing had happened. The woman was taken aback by the news. It took over an hour to track down the owners.

After interrogating neighbors, the family learned their ‘third wheel’ lived many homes away. The owners got in touch with me soon away. The dog turned out to be a girl, and her family believes that this isn’t the first time the dog has done anything unique.

Fortunately, they were amused by all that occurred. The owners had to persuade the pet to leave the bed for a long time before thanking them for their generosity and patience. Even yet, keeping your cool in such an unexpected situation is difficult.

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