A wolf with its head caught in a plastic bottle was rescued.

It all started in India, when a group of local photographers went for a walk in the forest, photographing the natural beauty of the area. During one of these picture shoots, onlookers saw an unusual animal that appeared to be a skinny dog on the outside but had an unidentified object on its head.

The photographers got closer and spotted the beast: a wolf with its head caught in a plastic bottle. He most certainly poked his head in there out of curiosity, but he couldn’t get out. The animal appeared weary and frail.

The photographers themselves did not dare to approach the wolf since a pack of wolves lurked beyond the bushes, watching what was going on but not approaching people. Veterinarians were called by the man.

People worked together to save the animal. His body was gently lay on the ground and fastened. The bottle had to be cut to be removed from the wolf since it was clinging to him so strongly. Furthermore, the animal was deficient in oxygen and was excessively breathing. The wolf was inspected by the vets after his release, and it was discovered that he had a temperature. He received assistance.

The animal bolted for the pack as soon as he regained consciousness. A few days later, the photographers were in the same woodland and observed the familiar wolf looking at them once more. The animal appeared to be attempting to express appreciation to its saviors in this manner.


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