The Dog Is Excited To Play With His Little Pal

Luna, this magnificent dog, appeared to believe that his young sister Martina would be born soon, and that he would have a playmate and closest friend. He was enthralled and impatient at the same time! She never left her mother, Mara Fernanda Osterling, during her pregnancy; she was always there for her.

“I was wondering if this mindset would persist once the kid was delivered,” said Osterling. Then she got a great surprise!

Luna gave Martina her undivided attention and care once she was born.

“She protects her, looks after her, and sleeps next to her when Martina is sleeping,” Osterling said. Luna, on the other hand, doesn’t always realize that the infant needs time to mature and begin having fun with her.

Luna came into the room the other day with a blue ball and presented it to Martina, as if she didn’t realize Martina was still little and couldn’t play with the ball. The dog was perplexed, but delighted to be able to play with that small person. Osterling remarked, “I was quite happy because it showed me that Luna loves Martina or that Martina can’t offer her the same thing.”

Fortunately, the baby will grow up soon, and Luna will be able to completely interact with him. And she awaits that day with bated breath!

“I’m confident they’ll be inseparable best friends as Martina grows up,” Osterling said. “The small animal has the ability to fill us with love, and Luna does it in the most adorable way!”

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