For The First Time, Two Former Circus Lions Step On Grass

Seeing animals confined in a cage is always distressing. Lions, in particular, are brave and strong. However, there are still several circuses across the world where these Saharan monarchs are forced to live in this manner. It all came to an end for both of them when the organization team was able to save them and allow them to walk about freely. The initial appearance of the two lions in the green space is extremely moving!

For years, Tarzan and Tanya were forced to live in cages, where they were treated horribly and indifferently. The animal protection group crew quickly learnt of their background and rushed up to their aid.

As we all know, these great creatures had changed so drastically that when the rescue crew arrived, they were both terrified and perplexed. Both the body and the psyche had been scarred by the brutal life and horrible treatment. All of this demonstrates how fragile even the most powerful creatures may become!

Fortunately, the lions were relocated to a rehabilitation clinic before being brought to their new home, a South African sanctuary, following a protracted ordeal. When they arrived, they had the opportunity to walk on green grass for the first time, which was an unforgettable experience!

Simply watch the following video:

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