Mother elephant was so grateful that she chose to expose her baby to the good people who had saved her life.

The ability of animals to express thanks is incredible. This mother elephant discovered a way to thank those who not only saved her life, but also provided her with care, love, and compassion. Orphaned elephants are cared for at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust sanctuary, where they are raised until they are ready to be reintroduced into the wild. Yatta was taken to the refuge in 1999 and released back into the wild after ten years.

After eight years, Yatta decided to pay a visit to the individuals she considered her family. She wanted to express her gratitude to those who had been so nice to her. And she wasn’t the only one. Yatta shocked the caregivers at the sanctuary by bringing her baby to show them her infant. This tender moment was captured on film.

Everyone’s hearts warmed at the center during this beautiful moment. Yoyo was the name given to the little creature.

Yetu, Yatta’s first child, has already been presented to the employees. She appeared to want to demonstrate her love and trust by bringing her infant to the location where she was loved and cared for. The elephants’ family is extremely important to them. Yatt cultivated her own family after returning to the wild. It came as little surprise to the crew when the mom elephant showed her new family member to the previous human family.

She’d never forget those ten years of bliss, when she was surrounded by love and warmth at all times.

Elephants frequently return to regions where they have previously been content.
Here’s a lovely video of mommy elephant sharing her delight with her adoring caregivers:

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