In Lucera, a merry bunch of neighborhood cats have made the town’s Christmas tree their favorite lounging location.

Residents of Lucera transformed the city’s largest Christmas tree into a shelter for stray cats.

When the municipal planners created the initial design for the 2022 Christmas tree, they didn’t consider that the cats who dwell in the plaza on a regular basis might mistake it for a new home.

Italy was one among the first European countries to be hit by the epidemic. Since then, over two years have passed, and the little hamlet of Lucera has learnt to live in a different way. The main square will have a Christmas tree, but it will be decorated in an unconventional fashion.

It was adorned with miniature wooden houses with funny figured windows and doors instead of conventional lights and balls. But no one anticipated a bunch of metropolitan cats to make their physical home in metaphorical dwellings. Street thieves, striped and spotted, heartily approved the idea of constructing a massive climbing hole for them in the major city plaza.

In reality, it’s possible that humans just gave the cats one place over another. Lucera’s main square has traditionally been home to cats. It was here that they were fed, massaged, and photographed.

Then, instead of the usual cat, people brought the frame of a Christmas tree to the square.

The tailed inhabitants, on the other hand, were not offended. They concluded that it was only a gift from the locals. The tree was erected to serve as a reminder of the world’s challenging times. The tailed dwellers, on the other hand, grabbed it and transformed it into their own little amusement park, which their two-legged neighbors are ecstatic about.

They remark, “This is a symbol of hope.”

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