When the much-loved street cat passed away, the community honored her memory by constructing a monument of her in her favorite area.

There are probably very few individuals on the planet who do not enjoy cats.

These adorable fluffy animals are like children who never grow up.

They’re touching both when they’re young, when they’re playful kittens, and when they’re older, when they’ve grown into fat, lazy cats lounging in the sun. By the way, did you know that a cat never forgets its owner?

In addition, the cat is remembered by the entire city! This is what happened in Istanbul, Turkey. After a random traveler shot Tombili sitting in a very amusing and calm stance on one of Istanbul’s streets, she became renowned all over the world.

The popularity of photography skyrocketed on the World Wide Web.

Tombili has gone down in history as a real Internet hero, the hero of stories and memes. However, the animal had reached the end of her life and died a year ago. They decided to immortalize the cat by creating a monument to her in Istanbul!

In a Turkish city, a little bronze monument of Tombili in that very calm pose was recently put at the exact location where she was previously photographed. It has a secret meaning. It is meant to remind Istanbul inhabitants and visitors that, in the middle of the chaos and never-ending cycle of anxieties, they should take time to sit down and relax while gazing into the distance.

Local cats were also fond of the monument. They frequently visit it and sit beside it, as though recalling their well-known companion Tombili.

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