A Christmas desire for a one-pound dog who can’t walk on his own is granted: a personalized wheelchair.

Toby is a Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix that is smaller than a cat.

Furthermore, because this kid was born with hydrocephalus, extra fluid collected in his head, pressing on the brain and affecting muscle coordination.


The puppy measured little under 1.5 pounds and was the tiniest of the litter. He didn’t appear to have much of a shot at a happy life; everything seemed to be working against him. And the owners made the decision to put him down. It appeared to them to be a kind option — not to prolong the pain of the kid, who would not be able to live a complete life even with the best of care.

Fortunately, the issue was discovered by the local people who were assisting the Yorkshire Terriers. They stepped in and took the dog, hoping to give him a better future.

As a result, it occurred. The wheels of generosity are turning, and the puppy is about to receive the most amazing Christmas present imaginable. A miniature “wheelchair,” a metal frame with wheels that supports the helpless infant, helps him stay on his feet, and keeps him from colliding into corners. This stroller was created to order and is definitely a work of art.

Kit DeRoche, president of the rescue that saved Toby, adds, “Every living creature deserves a right to life.”


“And if someone has an issue, it’s not a big deal for Florida Yorkie Rescue”. Toby has now begun to walk, and his shaky front legs will strengthen. Kit was so moved by the bravery of a small dog that she adopted it as her own. The lady hopes that Toby’s story may inspire others to adopt a special-needs puppy or make changes in their own life.

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