Two anxious stray dogs guard a blind homeless woman discovered sleeping in the mud near a river.

It’s no secret that dogs are among the most unselfish animals on the planet. Even stray dogs that have been abused and deprived of love and affection are capable of the greatest love and care.

Thailand’s Ake Srisuwan shared heartfelt images on Facebook. Two stray dogs lie close to an old woman in the dirt, as if guarding her, in these photos.

While wandering along the riverbank, the photographer captured this image. He had no idea whether or not this woman was still alive. And, if she was still alive, why was she in such a precarious position?

When he got closer to the situation and took a closer look, he assumed the woman was unwell or hurt. He decided to inquire around to see if anyone knew anything. As a result, this elderly woman was discovered to be a homeless person who was blind. She slept out on the riverbank, accompanied by two friendly stray dogs.

The dogs had been guarding her the entire time. And I didn’t want to abandon her in this situation. Because the region was deemed dangerous, Ake decided to take the lady and the dogs to a secure location, a local hospital, and seek assistance.

Because the news circulated so rapidly, it was picked up by the authorities. They quickly made the choice to assist this woman and her pets in finding refuge and a home.

We hope that this woman and her two guardian angels are okay and that they can find a place to call home.

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