A family spends 27 hours at an animal shelter to adopt a dog with a heart-shaped patch of fur.

The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter in Oklahoma shared a photo of a new pet on Facebook in the summer of 2020 – a Border Collie puppy with an unusual look.

Nature “painted” a heart on the puppy’s chest, giving it a really adorable appearance.

Hundreds of calls came in to the shelter from people who wanted to adopt a dog with a “heart” after seeing the post with this photo. One family went even farther and devised a devious method to ensure they get the cat. According to the shelter’s website, all stray animals must be quarantined for five days before being released.

Pets are distributed according to the rule of “first come, first served.”

Residents of Tulsa arrived to the establishment’s door 27 hours before the dog could be formally “adopted” after learning of the conditions. The family went from distance and stayed in the parking lot in front of the facility for more than a day. Their perseverance was rewarded when the puppy was handed over to them the next day. Luna, as the dog’s name suggested, was supposed to be a wedding present for a relative.

A dog with such a lovely hue appeared to the family to signify the love and pleasure that the newlyweds’ hearts are overflowing with. The staff at the shelter was astounded. No one has ever battled so hard for the privilege to take a pet in the whole history of their facility. Luna is in good care, and the shelter hopes she will find happiness in a new home.

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