When Kitten was placed in a foster home, she was terrified, but the dog’s care taught her to trust people.

When the kitten was placed in a foster home, she was terrified. The Labrador, on the other hand, taught her to trust others.

Kendal Benken, an animal shelter volunteer, was the first to encounter the kitten and gave her the name Betty.

Even determining whether it was a boy or a girl was difficult at first.

She had to use a heavy towel to lift the cat into her arms. It was all due to the baby’s hissing, scratching, and biting. Betty was brought along by the woman to assist her in adjusting.

She believes that the most important aspect of raising wild kittens is for her to be a part of your everyday life rather than hiding.

Betty was placed in the middle of the kitchen in a large dog cage by Kendal. The kitten was always surrounded by people and dogs. Truvy, a Labrador, took the infant under her wing and treated her as if she were a member of her family.

“Truvy was certainly a kitten mom in a previous life,” Kendal said.


Betty was held in a towel by the woman, who massaged her head to acclimate the cat to human contact. Betty embraced the Labrador’s companionship and struck up a conversation with him. Furthermore, the kitten began to emerge from the cage, but only in the presence of the enormous dog.

The infant then moved out of the foster household and into a permanent residence. Rose is the name of Betty’s new owner.

Kendal claims that they were able to find each other. Rosa routinely sends images of the cat and talks about her life to keep the “foster mother” entertained.

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