A little dog that had been tortured and abandoned is so relieved to be saved that he buries his face in the arms of the savior.

In St. Louis, a little, ailing dog resided in a garage behind an apartment complex.

Locals discarded useless items and furniture into the garage for years, oblivious of the presence of a furry occupant.

Chowder, although being accustomed to such a life, prayed for a miracle… Chowder experienced a miracle once in his life when he was discovered by a good guy on a wet day.

He fed the puppy and gave him some water, and he was taken aback by Chowder’s faith in him:

“As soon as I got close enough, Chowder ran out to greet me.” He’s a genuinely kind person. “He was relieved that someone was kind to him,” the guy adds.

The guy also contacted Stray Rescue for Chowder’s care, and one of the volunteers arrived promptly to pick up the puppy.

This child too had faith in the rescuers, and they were able to successfully bring him to the refuge. Chowder held the volunteer the entire way in the car, as though thanking her from the bottom of his heart for saving him.

And in the shelter, this youngster opened up even more – he was so overjoyed to have been rescued that it was seen in his eyes.

The dog had a serious eye infection, which veterinarians discovered and began to treat. They sent Chowder to his temporary abode once he had recovered a little and was no longer stressed.

Chowder is a great, well-behaved, loving, and appreciative young man.


After everything he’s gone through, he’s been given a new life, and he now lives in perfect safety and affection. They’ll start looking for permanent owners for the infant once he’s recovered.

Let’s hope this amazing youngster finds the perfect family!

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