After his mother was poisoned by villagers, a dog rescues an orphaned baby monkey.

Monkeys in India are frequently the victims of human abuse.

Because of their large population and the damage they do to crops, monkeys are classified as pests.

Dog adopts an orphaned baby monkey after his mother was poisoned by locals

This orphaned baby was condemned to die. Fortunately, aid arrived at a right moment.

Prakash Badal, an Indian photographer, was in Himachal Pradesh on business when he saw the unordinary image. He came upon a stray dog by the road, on which a young monkey cub was clinging – the cub appeared to be no more than ten days old. Locals told the photographer that the monkey’s mother had been poisoned to safeguard the harvest. This is a common occurrence in India, where a large population of monkeys is one of the most serious agricultural issues.

Dog adopts an orphaned baby monkey after his mother was poisoned by locals


The cub was doomed; without milk and protection from his mother, he would perish. However, a stray dog, who is about to give birth to puppies, came to his rescue. Now, a unique pair shares their home.

The dog eats, which he shares with the cub, and the two sleep, play, and wander the city streets together.

Such friendships between monkeys and dogs are uncommon, according to Prakash, as these creatures are more likely to get into fights than become friends. However, it appears that instinct prevented the expecting mother from passing by an orphaned youngster, even though it was of a different species.

It’s unclear how family relationships will change when pups arrive. But for now no creature is more precious to the young monkey than this dog.

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